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The TS-2000 can be greatly improved on CW and SSB by replacing one filter. We supply installation instructions along with the filter. Here is a comment by a recent customer:

"WOW !!! Whatta difference !!! The TS2000X sounds like my old S line now -- The CW notes are pure and listening to beacons on 6 & 10 meters tonight, I could go down to 50 Hz and the notes were still pure -- wonderful!!! Then I put the rig down on the bottom end of 40, and it really came to life -- I was able to separate S9 signals from S2-3 signals in the noise that were under the loud station. This is what I've been trying to find in a new radio -- much improved -- thank you."

Full installation instructions are available here:


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2100 Hz 10695.0 kHz SSB 8-pole...
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