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TS-950 Roofing Filter Mod

TS-950 Roofing Filter Mod 

The TS-950 roofing filter mod consists of a 6-pole, 4 to 5 kHz wide filter followed by a high dynamic range feedback amplifier. The amplifier provides enough gain to override the filter insertion loss.

The IMD dynamic range will be improved 5 to 15 dB for some signal spacings. Also, the blocking dynamic range will be improved up to 10 dB for close in signals.

The roofing filter mod inserts a narrow band crystal filter between the RF assembly and the IF board. Reducing the bandwidth at this point in the radio helps to keep strong off-frequency signals out of the second mixer, where they can cause intermodulation. Transmission is not changed, as it does not pass through the roofing filter.

This mod will work in all versions of the TS-950.

Please see our document titled "A Few Words About Roofing Filters" for more details.

Full installation instructions are available here:


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