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FT-1000MP AGC Improvement Mod

FT-1000MP AGC Improvement Mod 
Some operators on major DX-peditions have complained about poor readability in large pile ups. From a joint effort between Inrad and some of these operators, we are now offering the AGC mod which improves readability somewhat for both CW and SSB. Details of the history is included in the mod instruction sheets.

This new mod increases the decay time, which in the FT-1000MP is so fast that weaker signals can come up to full output between dots and dashes (or speech peaks), causing poor readability in pile ups. It also uses a damping resistor to eliminate a slight over shoot. Please be aware that under "normal" or "average" operating conditions, this mod will make very little discernable difference.

The AGC mod is not applicable to the Mark V nor to the Mark V Field.

Price: $10.00


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