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FT-920 Filter Switch Board Mod

FT-920 Filter Switch Board Mod 
The FT-920 Switch Board Mod allows the use of one filter or two in cascade. The switching is done by a mini toggle switch mounted on an L bracket under a screw in the bottom cover. Two of these boards may be mounted in the FT-920, providing filter selection from one switch for both CW and SSB. The boards are supplied pre-wired so the customer need do only a minimum of soldering. Please specify the mode when ordering. (Filters not included.)

One early customer of this mod wrote the following review:

"...the resulting performance improvement in the radio is dramatic... The two filters in cascade create an improvement in selectivity that really stuns the ear. It's so obvious to hear the skirt noise drop away and the voice in the middle of the passband jump in clarity. Flick the switch to cut out the cascade, and the radio returns to the full-sounding audio for casual rag-chewing... You have transformed the FT-920 into a super premium receiver..."

The FT-920 Switch Board Mod is pin compatible with our filters, so when ordering filters for this product please specifiy the "bare filter -- no board" option.

Price: $80.00


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