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2900 Hz 455 kHz SSB 8-pole Collins Filter

Note: bandwidth is measured by the manufacturer at -3 dB; we measured shape factor at -60/-6 dB.

Note: Collins mechanical filters are no longer in production. INRAD has inventory on hand that should last into 2019. Once our inventory is sold, we will discontinue offering this item. There is no drop-in replacement available.

Note: The #726 installation kit for the Collins 32S-3 includes 2 x 456.55 MHz and 2 x 453.45 MHz LSB/USB crystals. This is reflected by the higher price than for use in other receivers.

Bandwidth 2900 Hz
Center Frequency 455.0 kHz
Mode SSB
Zin/Zout 2000 ohms // 30 pF
Typical Insertion Loss 250 Hz: < 9 dB; 500 Hz: < 7 dB; SSB/AM: < 6 dB
Price: $160.00


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