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50 kHz 28025.0 kHz 8-pole crystal front end filter

This filter may be used in RF environments where there are many strong interfering signals, such as locations near high power broadcasting transmitters or multi-transmitter contest stations.

This filter has 50 ohm input and output inpedances, and is designed to go in front of a receiver. It can be transmittted through at very low levels. Incident power levels must be held below 0 dBm to prevent crystal damage. The -1 dB bandwidth of this filter is 50 kHz. The -60 dB bandwidth is 130 kHz.

Bandwidth 50 kHz
Center Frequency 28025.0 kHz
Typical Insertion Loss 250 Hz: < 9 dB; 500 Hz: < 7 dB; SSB/AM: < 6 dB
Price: $118.00


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