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600 Hz 9000.5 kHz CW 4-pole crystal filter

This 4-pole crystal filter is used in the Inrad Omni VI Roofing Filter Mod, and is plug-in compatible with the Inrad PC board used in this roofing filer kit. If you wish to use this filter as a replacement filter in your Inrad Omni VI Roofing Filter Mod, please specify "filter only -- no board" when you add this filter to your shopping cart.

Even though this filter may also be used as a plug in IF filter, we recommend an 8- or 10-pole filter for superior performance.

This filter comes mounted on a custom PC board, unless used in the Inrad Omni VI Roofing Filter Mod.

Bandwidth 600 Hz
Center Frequency 9000.5 kHz
Mode CW
Price: $102.50


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